Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Kadlec Adding Floors"

Some remember when this hospital was nothing more than a group of quonset huts put up in the 1940's to serve the tens of thousands of scientists and blue-collar workers who were working in the Hanford area.

The building in the left section of the sketch came next, then more recently the tall and rather squared section with all the rows and columns of windows was added. Now there is a new section going up: 4 new floors.  It looks massive in comparison to what sat there prior to this add-on.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

"13th AnnualTumbleweed Music Festival"

A windy, rainy day in Howard Amon park at the Tumbleweed Music Festival.  While this group, "Sea Star," played I dodged the rain beneath on old maple tree in the back. Too bad about the weather, I remember last year the park was crawling with people and multiple venues.  The venues were up and ready, but the crowd was sparse and easily shaken with only a few sprinkles.  "Sea Star" was worth the trip over to do the sketching.  Good stuff!!