Friday, May 15, 2015

"Nike Campus - Beaverton, OR"

A former student contacted me asking if I would do a sketch of the Nike Campus where she works. Her enthusiasm for my sketching won me over and I said, "sure."    
She wants to present the sketch to her supervisor, Sonia Doel, who is retiring in a few days.  She wanted me to inscribe the sketch with her name and the dates she was employed by Nike.  She also wanted the sketch at 11x17, an odd size, but I learned long ago not to argue with the "customer." 

After finishing the original, above, I saved it as a file on my computer, then took it into Photoshop Elements and got a little creative with it.  I think this one is the better one, but don't tell my former student.  ok?  

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

"Food Trucks along the John Dam Plaza"

On my way home from sketching the Uptown area, I spotted all these people enjoying the food trucks in John Dam Plaza.  So, even though needing to make a "rest" stop soon, I pulled into the parking lot here, grabbed my sketching stuff and went to work.  Quick, quick, quick - even adding the color before leaving.  40 mins in, time to go.

Watercolor Moleskine sketchbook, Lexington Gray ink, watercolors 

"The Uptown"

Out sketching with the Urban Sketchers: Tri Cities at the Uptown in Richland, WA., this morning. Some of us started out by having a spudnut, or two, and coffee in the renowned Spudnut Shop just around the corner from this spot. Then with great weather in town, we had a lot of fun sketching together.

6x9 Super Aquabee Sketchbook, Noodler's ink, and watercolors.